WINGS ICT Solutions

WINGS ICT Solutions premises

WINGS ICT Solutions provides complete integrated, intelligent digital (software, hardware) solutions and transformation for vertical business sectors; Environment (air quality, natural disasters), Utilities and Infrastructures (energy/water/gas, transportation, construction), Production & Manufacturing (food, factories/logistics), Service Sectors (health, education/culture, government, security/defense), as well as Smart Cities. In order to achieve these results, WINGS exploits advanced technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud technologies, Telecommunication Networks (4G, 5G, WiFi, Lora, etc.), advanced visualization techniques (AR / VR), mobile applications, etc.) aiming to provide extremely reliable solutions that help businesses improve their decision-making processes, expand their knowledge through detailed forecasting and predictive analytics, increase their efficiency and in the end, focusing on customer satisfaction  by delivering sophisticated solutions:

  1. AIRWINGS for air quality (outdoor / indoor, in production and manufacturing), civil and environment protection (fire protection).
  2. ARTEMIS for the proactive management of utilities (energy, water, gas infrastructures);
  3. WINGSPARK for advanced mobility services and for the management of transport infrastructures (parking lots, stations, roads / bridges).
  4. AQUAWINGS for sustainable and effective aquaculture.
  5. AGNES for sustainable agriculture and food safety.
  6. WINGSChariot for logistics and industry 4.0 applications.
  7. STARLIT for health / wellness.