University of Surrey

University of Surrey

The Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing (CVSSP) is an International Centre of Excellence in the Electronic Engineering department at the University of Surrey (SURREY), UK. With 180 researchers, CVSSP is the only UK research group with a critical-mass of AI expertise in audio and vision, is ranked 1st in the UK for Computer Vision AI (

CVSSP has also extensive experience in the application of AI on Data for Sensory/contextual information extraction, enrichment, search, understanding and preservation.

CVSSP's field of operation in the project will focus on its expertise on Semantic interoperability and data management and AI relating to:

  • Researching and developing enablers for data management for contextual and dynamic time-series data analysis for IoT.
  • Design of semantic interoperability models.
  • Machine learning models applied to aspects of semantic enrichment, large-scale information search and monitoring quality of information.
  • Knowledge of multi-domain data provision.