SEcure Decentralised Intelligent Data MARKetplace

SEDIMARK aims at designing and prototyping a secure decentralised and intelligent data and services marketplace that bridges remote data platforms and allows the efficient and privacy-preserving sharing of vast amounts of heterogeneus, high quality, certified data and services supporting the common EU data spaces.

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Mobility Digital Twin

Mobility Digital Twin

Ruban bike mobility planning

Urban bike mobility planning

Valorisation energy consumption data

Valorisation of energy consumption data

Valorisation water consumption data

Valorisation of water-related data


SEDIMARK focuses on Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning to ensure data quality

Machine Learning introduction Machine Learning (ML) is a modern and efficient branch of AI (Artificial Intelligence), specialised in pattern recognition within data streams. It can provide precise analysis based on statistics to detect insights from a large data set, using the same principle as human neural networks in our brain. Every system equipped with ML […]

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Applications of the Digital Twin architecture

A digital twin is at the highest level, an architectural construct that is enabled by a combination of technology streams such as IoT (Internet of Things), Cloud Computing, Edge Computing, Fog Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Machine Learning, and Big Data Analytics. The concept of a Digital Twin is based on the fact that every physical […]

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SEDIMARK in "Jornada Movilidad Sostenible en Cantabria"

SEDIMARK has been present today in the sustainable mobility event with the participation of @unican and Ayuntamiento de Santander, highlighting the importance of fostering the usage of environmental-friendly mobility solutions, like biking, core part of one of our use cases. More information about the event in

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