The letter D in SEDIMARK

SEDIMARK · March 27, 2023
D as Decentralization

As the name suggest, SEDIMARK will be a Data and Service marketplace. But SEDIMARK focus is not only on data and services assets: Decentralisation also play a key role…

D as Decentralisation

The decentralisation allows to stay away from a single and central authority for control and decision-making, instead it enables the interactions directly among multiple independent parties.

There are several perks in a decentralised system:

  • Reduced Weakness: relying too much on one entity can lead to systemic failures. Multiple entities shield from unfortunate events.
  • Optimization of resources: in a decentralized system, the resources available can be spread among multiple entities to provide better services.
  • Security and Trust: in a decentralized network, security and trust is a must pre-condition.

SEDIMARK Marketplace achieves the security and trust thanks to Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT).

D as DLT

A DLT is a network composed of several nodes that independently replicate, share, and synchronize the same data spread across many different physical locations without a central administrator.

The most famous example is the Blockchain, today largely employed for financial transactions with bitcoin crypto-currency. However, the SEDIMARK decentralised architecture will be based on a different DLT, that is the IOTA Tangle designed and deployed by the IOTA Foundation. The IOTA Tangle is an open, feeless and highly scalable distributed ledger, designed to support both data and value transfer with a green fashion.

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