SEDIMARK participates in Data Week 2023 in Lulea, Sweden

SEDIMARK · July 18, 2023
Data Week 2023

SEDIMARK recently participated in Data Week 2023 in Lulea, Sweden, which was organised by the Big Data Value Association (BDVA), a European initiative promoting data-driven digital transformation of society and the economy. Sedimark presented their work at a session organised by the Data Spaces Business Alliance (DSBA), an organisation promoting business transformation in the data economy.

The session, entitled, “Data Management and Data Sharing for trusted AI platforms” saw SEDIMARK present their concept alongside a diverse group of EU Horizon funded projects (Waterverse, STELAR, EnrichMyData and HPLT) also focussed on future tools for data management and quality control. The session pondered the question of how the tools and approaches developed within these projects would support the implementation and deployment of data driven and trustworthy AI applications within data spaces.

A further aim of the session was to consider how the projects could make use of and contribute to a number of core common building blocks for data spaces outlined in a recent working document of the DSBA. The individual project presentations were followed by a lively panel discussion, in which these questions were further pursued.

* Image credit: BDVA Twitter account

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