SEDIMARK joins the ICT4WATER cluster

SEDIMARK · September 14, 2023
ict4water and sedimark

SEDIMARK does not focus on one particular domain but intends to design and prototype a secure decentralised and intelligent data and services marketplace that bridges remote data platforms and allows the efficient and privacy-preserving sharing of vast amounts of heterogeneous, high-quality, certified data and services supporting the common EU data spaces.

Four use cases are included in the project and one of them, driven by EGM, will focus on ‘water data’ exploitation. SEDIMARK will make use of the AI-based tools for data quality management, metadata management and semantic interoperability for the gathering of data. It will build upon the SEDIMARK decentralized infrastructure for handling of security and privacy policies and provide integrated services for validation, semantic enrichment and transformation of the data.

In our commitment to collaboratively advance water data management and utilization, SEDIMARK is proud to partner with the ICT4WATER cluster, comprising more than 60 pioneering highly digitized water-related projects. As part of this collaboration, SEDIMARK will actively contribute by sharing its latest advancements with the ICT4WATER ecosystem, fostering the creation of a decentralized and secure marketplace for data and services. Together, we aim to collectively drive innovation and sustainable solutions in the realm of water resource management supported by ICT tools.

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Did you know... On March 2024 we reached an important milestone 😱 which marks the half of the project! @sedimark is on its way!

📣Time of exams also for SEDIMARK! 📖On Jun 5th, SEDIMARK has been under review from the EU Commision. Waiting for the results... 🤞

Just attended an insightful @HSboosterEU webinar on "Terminology in Practice"! Some key points:
🔹Terminology is vital for standardisation & knowledge valorisation.
🔹Establish internal glossaries early.
🔹Keep terminology standardised & updated.

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