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GDPR-inspired IoT Ontology enabling Semantic Interoperability, Federation of Deployments and Privacy-Preserving Applications

SEDIMARK partners: University of Surrey, INRIA and University College of Dublin published a new work at the 2022 8th #IEEE World Forum on IoT Conference in Yokohama, Japan, on a privacy-preserving ontology inspired by #GDPR requirements, for semantically interoperable #IoT data value chains. Check out the paper here. Abstract Testing and experimentation are crucial for promoting innovation and building […]

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From Auto-ML to Auto-GPT

Automated Machine Learning (Auto-ML) is an emerging technology that automates the tasks involved in building, training, and deploying machine learning models [1]. With the increasing ubiquity of machine learning, there is an ever-growing demand for specialized data scientists and machine learning experts. However, not all organizations have the resources to hire these experts. Auto-ML software […]

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Unlocking the Power of Streaming Data by AI

In the digital age, streaming data - information that is generated and processed in real-time - is abundant. Applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to mine this data holds immense value.  It enables real-time decision-making and provides immediate insights, which is particularly beneficial for industries like finance, healthcare, and transportation, where instant responses can make a significant […]

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Trustworthy AI

In today's world, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is widespread and used in many different areas, such as the tech industry, financial services, health care, retail and manufacturing to name just a few. The main drive behind the surge of AI applications is its ability to extract useful information from very large data. Despite the incredible positives […]

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The importance of using high quality data

Data has become a new currency in the current data-driven economy. The EU has launched the EU data market monitoring tool, which continuously monitors the impact of the data economy in the member states. The tool has identified that in 2021 the EU there are more than 190.000 data supplier companies, and more than 560.000 […]

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Driving Data Interoperability for Enhanced Data Exchange in SEDIMARK

Data interoperability refers to the functionality of information systems to exchange data and enable information sharing.  More specifically, itis defined as the ability of systems and services that create, exchange, and consume data to have clear, shared expectations for the format, contents, context, and meaning of that data. Thus, it allows to access and process […]

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SEDIMARK participates in workshop on ‘Tech Adoption Scenarios and Data AI 2030’

This week, SEDIMARK participated in the workshop on ‘Tech Adoption Scenarios and Data AI 2030’ that was organised by the LeADS project (Leading Europe’s Advanced Digital Skills), which is a Coordination and Support Action (CSA) funded by the Digital Europe Programme, and among other objectives, it aims to provide guidance for the deployment of the DIGITAL […]

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Proactive management of Water, Energy and Gas infrastructures with ARTEMIS

ARTEMIS is the product of WINGS that is oriented to the proactive management of water, energy, gas infrastructures. Based on the WINGS approach, it combines advanced technologies (IoT, AI, advanced networks and visualizations) with domain knowledge, to address diverse use cases. Being a management system it delivers the following functionalities. Commercial traction has been achieved, […]

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D6.2 Dissemination and exploitation plan

This document is a deliverable of the SEDIMARK project, funded by the European Commission under its Horizon Europe Framework Programme. This document presents the “D6.2 Dissemination and exploitation plan” deliverable, including the expected impact of the ongoing and planned activities, target audience, milestones, and mechanisms to assess the dissemination and exploitation activities carried out throughout […]

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