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As inferred by the project acronym itself, SEDIMARK is a data-driven project, joining the global trend where individuals and companies produce tons of data on a daily basis. The initial impulse in any initiative of this type involves focusing on the purely operational and organizational aspect. However, if we stop to think about the treatment […]

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D4.3 Edge data processing and service certification – First version

This deliverable is a first version of the deliverable named “Edge data processing and service certification”. The work has focused on identifying the building blocks required to develop a framework for deploying AI-based data processing and sharing modules at edge data sources, considering edge-cloud interactions following MLOps principles. It involves analysing various ML frameworks such […]

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D3.3 Enabling tools for data interoperability, distributed data storage and training distributed AI models. First version

SEDIMARK D3.3 “Enabling tools for data interoperability, distributed data storage and training distributed AI models” is a report produced by the SEDIMARK project. It aims at providing insights in relation to progress made for: Data quality is considered to be of the highest importance for companies to improve their decision-making systems and the efficiency of […]

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The Power of Recommender

"Much as steam engines energised the Industrial Age, recommendation engines are the prime movers digitally driving 21st-century advice worldwide" Recommender systems are the prime technology for improving business in the digital world. The list is endless, from movie recommendations on Netflix to video recommendations on YouTube, to playlist recommendations on Spotify, to best route recommendations […]

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Reusing Ontology Concepts for Information Model Development towards Interoperability in Protégé

In the strive to achieve interoperability in information models, it is important to relate concepts that we define in our models to others that have already been developed and have gained popularity. This can be done by reuse, inheritance or an explicit relationship with that concept. There are many approaches to ontology development, but by far, […]

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D4.5 Data sharing platform and incentives - First version

This report represents the first version of the SEDIMARK’s approach on what will be its data sharing platform, as the main entry point to the system from the outside world. Hence, it must touch base not only on the front-end users will interact with but also on added features such as the Recommender system and […]

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D4.1 Decentralized Infrastructure and Access Management - First version

In response to the growing demand for secure and transparent data exchange, the infrastructure of SEDIMARK Marketplace leverages cutting-edge technologies to establish a resilient network. This is the first version of the decentralised infrastructure and access management mechanisms. This deliverable presents a comprehensive overview of the decentralized infrastructure and access management mechanisms implemented in the […]

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D3.1 Energy efficient AI-based toolset for improving data quality. First version

This document is the first deliverable from WP3, aiming to provide a first draft of the SEDIMARK data quality pipeline. This document details how the pipeline aims to improve the quality of datasets shared through the marketplace while also addressing the problem of energy efficiency in the data value chain. This document is actually the […]

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Resource-efficient Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML) algorithms have demonstrated remarkable advancements across diverse fields, evolving to become more intricate and data-intensive.  This evolution is particularly driven by the expanding size of datasets and the infinite growing nature of data streams. However, this substantial progress has come at the cost of intensified energy consumption, emphasizing the urgent requirement for […]

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