Helsinki General Assembly

SEDIMARK · April 29, 2024
All together in Helsinki

In April, all twelve partners of the SEDIMARK consortium convened in Helsinki for a productive General Assembly meeting, marking a significant milestone in our journey to establish a decentralized marketplace. With the first half of the project completed, we are now preparing for the next phase, which promises to be filled with significant milestones.

Our discussions focused on five key scenarios crucial to SEDIMARK's development: Onboarding, Offering Lifecycle, Data Exchange, Data Processing Pipeline, and Open Data. Through our collective efforts, we are advancing these scenarios, moving closer to their integration and the realization of the SEDIMARK Marketplace.

Special thanks to our hosts, Forum Virium Helsinki, for their exceptional organization, which made our time in Helsinki both productive and memorable. The city's enchanting charm provided the perfect backdrop for our collaborative endeavors. Here's to the progress we've made and the exciting journey ahead!

Helsinki Meeting

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