D6.3 Dissemination and Impact creation activities. First version

SEDIMARK · April 1, 2024

The “D6.3 Dissemination and Impact creation activities. First version” deliverable, presents the ongoing and carried out activities, communications and dissemination material, along with the current status of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for such activities. Besides, it also includes the current efforts for the cooperation with other projects and associations.
During the first half of the project lifetime, a number of dissemination and communication activities have been carried out, reaching a large audience of variable types, including users, citizens, other research projects and the scientific community.
The content from the current document will be continued in the deliverable SEDIMARK_D6.4 Dissemination and Impact creation activities which is due in M36 (September 2025).

This document, along with all the public deliverables and documents produced by SEDIMARK, can be found in the Publications & Resources section.

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Did you know... On March 2024 we reached an important milestone 😱 which marks the half of the project! @sedimark is on its way!

📣Time of exams also for SEDIMARK! 📖On Jun 5th, SEDIMARK has been under review from the EU Commision. Waiting for the results... 🤞

Just attended an insightful @HSboosterEU webinar on "Terminology in Practice"! Some key points:
🔹Terminology is vital for standardisation & knowledge valorisation.
🔹Establish internal glossaries early.
🔹Keep terminology standardised & updated.

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