D6.1 - Project website and dissemination material

SEDIMARK · December 20, 2022

First SEDIMARK deliverable submitted! In this deliverable we present the webpage and other dissemination materials, like our first roll-up. Have a look if you want to know more on how this website has been set up.

This document is Deliverable “D6.1 Project website and dissemination material”, which presents the functional of the official website of the SEDIMARK project. More specifically the document describes the portal website and the implemented features available for the public.
The web portal, which can be publicly accessed at the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) address, has been launched in November 2022. It constitutes one of the most relevant tools in the dissemination and communication activities for the SEDIMARK project.
The website has been designed using WordPress. The website layout presents a project overview, including project objectives, consortium partners, a section for news & events relevant in the field of the project and a download section (including dissemination kit, publications, and deliverables).
The current version of the dissemination website follows the project ́s graphic identity. Additionally, the website follows the European Union (EU) recommendation regarding usability and accessibility and has the EU flag and the Horizon Europe logo and grant agreement (GA) disclaimer.

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