D4.5 Data sharing platform and incentives - First version

SEDIMARK · December 31, 2023

This report represents the first version of the SEDIMARK’s approach on what will be its data sharing platform, as the main entry point to the system from the outside world. Hence, it must touch base not only on the front-end users will interact with but also on added features such as the Recommender system and the Open Data enabler which are at the essence of the solution. Given the stage on the project execution, the contents hereby presented will be subjected to an evolution and thus a new version of the SEDIMARK data sharing platform will be provided in Month 34 (July 2025) in the Deliverable 4.6 (Data sharing platform and incentives. Final version). Therefore, this document does not offer a fully functional depiction of this platform, just a high-level presentation of its constitutive components instead. In fact, in what refers to the Marketplace front-end a description will appear in the report, while as only the Recommender system and the open data enabler will be described also from a backend perspective. Thus, it is intended for a certain audience, mainly for members in the project consortium to employ it as the template to drive specific technical activities from other work packages within SEDIMARK.

This document, along with all the public deliverables and documents produced by SEDIMARK, can be found in the Publications & Resources section.

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