D4.1 Decentralized Infrastructure and Access Management - First version

SEDIMARK · December 31, 2023

In response to the growing demand for secure and transparent data exchange, the infrastructure of SEDIMARK Marketplace leverages cutting-edge technologies to establish a resilient network.

This is the first version of the decentralised infrastructure and access management mechanisms. This deliverable presents a comprehensive overview of the decentralized infrastructure and access management mechanisms implemented in the SEDIMARK Marketplace. As the landscape of data exchange evolves, the decentralization approach ensures increased security, transparency, and user-centric control both over data assets and user identity information. Data providers of the SEDIMARK Marketplace can also provide additional types of assets, related to their data. Examples are Machine Learning (ML) Models, data processing pipelines and tools.

Operating within the principles of decentralization, this project addresses the growing need for secure and transparent data exchange in a globalized digital economy. The SEDIMARK Marketplace leverages distributed ledger technologies to establish a resilient and scalable infrastructure. The decentralized architecture of the marketplace is built on a robust distributed ledger employed for user identity management, as well as blockchain foundation, fostering tamper-resistant contracts. Utilizing a distributed network, the infrastructure eliminates single points of failure, enhancing reliability and ensuring the continued availability of assets to be exchanged. The decentralized infrastructure supports standardized protocols for data exchange, enabling collaboration and data sharing across various platforms and participants.

This deliverable is the first capstone in the SEDIMARK project, realizing the underlying infrastructure and mechanism that allow the fulfilment of the functionalities defined for the Marketplace. An updated version of this deliverable will be provided in the next Deliverable SEDIMARK_D4.2 in July 2025.

This document, along with all the public deliverables and documents produced by SEDIMARK, can be found in the Publications & Resources section.

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