Applications of the Digital Twin architecture

SEDIMARK · February 13, 2023
Applications for digital twins architecture

A digital twin is at the highest level, an architectural construct that is enabled by a combination of technology streams such as IoT (Internet of Things), Cloud Computing, Edge Computing, Fog Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Machine Learning, and Big Data Analytics.

The concept of a Digital Twin is based on the fact that every physical part has a virtual counterpart that is conceptual, structural and functional the same as the physical part. The concept of Digital Twins dates in the 1970s used by NASA in the Apollo 13 mission. Nowadays the Digital Twins are used in various industries, being a key concept in realizing the communication mechanism between the physical and the virtual world by using data.

The primary use case for Digital Twin is asset performance, utilization, and optimization. Digital Twin enables monitoring, diagnosing, and prognostics capabilities for a particular use case.

Some applications for Digital Twin are presented below:

Digital Twin for creating 3D modeling of digital objects from physical objects. This use case is a critical success factor for smart manufacturing initiatives.

Digital Twin is used inside factories to identify symptoms with constant monitoring and finding the root causes of production issues.

In healthcare Digital Twin are used for simulation purposes so doctors can do risky operations first in a simulated environment before doing the operation on a real patient.

Town planners use Digital Twin initiatives by using virtual models to improve the city conditions in a proactive manner. This approach can reduce the complexity and simplify the processes for planners. In conclusion using the Digital Twin architecture can help in a lot of industries making the work easier.

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