A Data Orchestrator to Manage the SEDIMARK Ecosystem

SEDIMARK · February 26, 2024
Data Orchestrator Screenshot Mage.AI

Data has become a growing business of the utmost importance in the recent years of IoT technological expansion, driving crucial decision-making systems at the EU and global level, impacting all domains: industry, politics and economy, society and individuals, as well as the environment.

As the volume of instreaming data being collected, stored and processed is constantly expanding, most systems and techniques to absorb efficiently, appropriately and in a scalable manner such data, are lacking or rapidly overwhelmed by the technological revolutions. Furthermore, of great concern, the quantity of circulating private and sensitive information linked to individuals and organizations. Consequently, the data is insufficiently managed and maintained, too often misunderstood due to its complexity, lacking in high quality standards, ill-adapted to large-scale AI analytics, which in turn leads to inappropriate handling, sharing and misuse of data across borders and domains, even though they conform to European RGPD and FAIR* principles!  

For this reason, SEDIMARK uses a data orchestrator called “” to : (i) better organize integration of multiple data sources, applications, toolboxes, services and systems, (ii) render scalable the data workflows to improve performance and reduce bottlenecks, (iii) ensure data consistency, harmony and highest quality, (iv) guarantee data privacy and security compliant with EU regulations by anonymization and decentralized systems, and finally to (v) minimize and mitigate potential risks by automating schedules for data and system maintenance, monitoring and alerting procedures. On top of all, the orchestrator enables all actors of the data to easily manage, adapt and visualize the data situation. 

(*) Findable easily, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable

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Did you know... On March 2024 we reached an important milestone 😱 which marks the half of the project! @sedimark is on its way!

📣Time of exams also for SEDIMARK! 📖On Jun 5th, SEDIMARK has been under review from the EU Commision. Waiting for the results... 🤞

Just attended an insightful @HSboosterEU webinar on "Terminology in Practice"! Some key points:
🔹Terminology is vital for standardisation & knowledge valorisation.
🔹Establish internal glossaries early.
🔹Keep terminology standardised & updated.

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