SEcure Decentralised Intelligent Data MARKetplace

SEDIMARK aims at designing and prototyping a secure decentralised and intelligent data and services marketplace that bridges remote data platforms and allows the efficient and privacy-preserving sharing of vast amounts of heterogeneus, high quality, certified data and services supporting the common EU data spaces.

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Mobility Digital Twin

Mobility Digital Twin

Ruban bike mobility planning

Urban bike mobility planning

Valorisation energy consumption data

Valorisation of energy consumption data

Valorisation water consumption data

Valorisation of water-related data


A Data Orchestrator to Manage the SEDIMARK Ecosystem

Data has become a growing business of the utmost importance in the recent years of IoT technological expansion, driving crucial decision-making systems at the EU and global level, impacting all domains: industry, politics and economy, society and individuals, as well as the environment. As the volume of instreaming data being collected, stored and processed is […]

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Geosciences and AI

The synergy between Geosciences and Machine Learning in today's world are at the forefront of global concerns. For example, the management of water resources has become a critical issue. The integration of geosciences and machine learning is emerging as a new and innovative solution to these problems. Geosciences provide a fundamental understanding of water systems. […]

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Transforming Urban City: LIDAR Sensors and the Evolution of Smart Cities

In the dynamic City of technological progress, Lidar sensors, or Light Detection and Ranging sensors, have emerged as pivotal tools in the development of smart cities. These sophisticated sensors utilize laser light to gauge distances and construct intricate three-dimensional maps, providing a trove of data that is reshaping urban planning, traffic management, and public safety […]

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SEDIMARK is a proud member of the ICT4WATER Clúster. ICT tools at the service of the environment and responsible water consumption.